♣ Tournament Qualifications Dates and Prizes


The top 80 point leaders will have earned a guaranteed seat in each quarterfinal tournament. They will be made up of the top 48 players from Redneck's Drafthouse and the top 32 players each from both Javi's Sports Bar.


2017  Final Dates

2nd Half ends November 10, 2017

2nd Half Final: Saturday November 18

Location: Redneck's

Sign Ins close at 12:30 Tournament starts at 1:00

 All Around Championship Tournament: Friday & Saturday; December 1 - 2, 2017

Day 1 Friday 12/1 check-in close at 6:30 PM Tournament starts at 7 PM

Day 2 Saturday 12/2 check-in closes at 1:30 PM Tournament starts at 2 PM

 Intermission Season Starts November 2, 2017 and ends December 22, 2017


Season 7 Finals -  Friday & Saturday;  December 8-9, 2017

Day 1 Friday 12/8 check-in closes 6:30 PM Tournament starts at 7:00 PM

Day 2 Saturday 12/9 check in closes 1:30 PM Tournament restarts at 2 PM

Season 8 starts January 3, 2018

1st half ends TBD

1st Half Tournament TBD

Location TBD


Point leader from each location $50.00

Top 3 point leaders from each location Automatic seat in Season End Tournament

1st Place $350.00 

2nd Place $250.00 

3rd Place $150.00 

4th Place $100.00 

5th Place $50.00 


Season 7 Qualifications

Tournament is limited to the top 70 players with alternates.

Top 3 point leaders from each location.

Top 3 places of each half-final tournament.

Total combined point leaders from all locations from all halves (ties are broken by highest average finish).

 Winner of All-around, Women's Only Championship, Tag Team Event, Heads Up Top 2 and Winner of Heads Up Consolation 


Top 5 in total points from both host venues will receive seat into the Season 8 - 2018 All Around Championship and cash Prizes



1st Place $5,000* 

2nd Place $300.00 

3rd Place $200.00 

4th Place $100.00 

5th Place $50.00 

* $5,000 prize package includes $3,000 which must be used in World Series of Poker event(s) and cash. Per IRS Regulations, the prize is taxable income to the winner and the prize winner is responsible for any and all Federal, State and Local taxes associated with the prize. If the prize exceeds $5,000 the winner must pay (withheld from prize package) Federal Income Tax withholding equal to 25% of the prize (and, if required, State income tax withholding). $5,000 is based on number of qualifying tournaments.